Accredited Research Based Intervention Training

We offer:

  • training, advice and support around tracking pupil progress and identifying under-achievement;

  • assessment to schools for the Basic Skills Award scheme;

  • advice on the effective use of high quality intervention programmes;

  • an accredited ECC trainer in research-based intervention programmes for mathematics across key stage 1 to 3, 1stClass@Number Year 1 and 2, Success@Arithmatic-Number Year 3 to 5, Talk4Number Year 3 and 4, Success@Arithmatic-Calculation Year 5 to 8;

  • an accredited ECC trainer in new research-based key stage 2 writing interventions, Pirate Writing Year 3, Dragon Hunters Year 4;

  • a Teacher Leader for Reading Recovery, providing training for Reading Recovery teachers;

  • accredited National Inference Training for the inference intervention and whole school approaches for the teaching of reading;

  • BoostingReading@Primary and BoostingReading@Secondary