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North Tyneside PE & School Sport Team deliver a calendar of events & activities throughout the academic year to support young people that attend North Tyneside schools to take part in physical activity, sport and competition.

Try some of these activities & challenges to support young people to develop their movement & gymnastics skills.

How to get involved

Click on each of the tabs below. These will take you to the tasks & activities which will support children to develop their movement & gymnastics skills, preparing them to perform a gymnastics routine. Each of the activities have three stages to follow for different ability levels.

Just a few little things to remember…

We need to make sure the children are safe , so the points below should always be reiterated:

  • Please always check with someone at home or at school before you do any of these activities
  • Please ensure there is enough space around you to complete the move, challenge or activityPlease ensure you are wearing appropriate clothing, hair tied back and no jewellery

There is a disclaimer on each card - Physical activities can have a risk of injury, please ensure you participate in activities suitable to your skill level. Taking part in the activities are at your own risk.

Why Gymnastics?

British Gymnastics recently undertook some research to understand what skills and abilities are developed by participating in gymnastics.

Results indicate that gymnastics has the ability to develop fundamental skills such as strength, flexibility, balance, problem solving, decision making, leadership and teamwork, which gives participants the ability to transition easily into other sports.



Take a look at some of these balances, can you do any?

Jumps & Leaps

Take a look at some of these jumps and leaps, can you do any?

Rolls & Rotations

Take a look at some of these rolls and rotations, can you do any?

Key Step Skills

Take a look at some of the moves that form a Key Steps routine. Can you perform any?

Key Step Routines

Take a look at some of these Key Step routines, can you perform one?

A few extra resources ………

British Gymnastics

Follow the National Governing Body through social media. Remember to use #gymnastsathome if you share anything


Videos and resources specific to children with different play and exercise needs

Your School Games

Teachers why not log in to your account There are resources to support gymnastics activity in your school.

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