Music Takeaway

This week’s track is….Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy

Pick one or more of the tasks from the takeaway menu below and make this your music project for the week. There are Listen and Appraise, Music Technology, Performance, Composition, Creative Arts and Research tasks. Or create your own task and share with us!

You could present your work in a variety of ways such as video, audio, information poster, PowerPoint presentation or use an app like Clips, iMovie, GarageBand or Tik-Tok or whatever else you can come up with! Then share your work with us on email to or on:

Instagram: @NTMEH

Twitter: @NTMEHUK

Facebook: North Tyneside-Music

Tik-Tok: @ntmehmusic

Listen and Appraise

Explore the piece by listening and responding to it. Think about these questions (or make up your own!) and make a mood board, poster, documentary interview or something else in response!

  1. Which instruments can you hear?
  2. What style of music is this? What makes you think that?
  3. How old do you think this piece of music is? Why?
  4. What is the structure of the piece? (if’ it’s a song, does it have verses, choruses, etc.)?
  5. How does this music make you feel? Why?
  6. What does the music make you think of? Why?
  7. If the music was a story, what would the story be? Can you write the story?

Music Technology

Create a response to the song using music technology. You could use any resource such as GarageBand or Ableton. There is a wealth of online resources that you could use.

See our list of online resources available and send us your work!

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Share Your Ideas

Have you got your own ideas about what we could include in this menu? Get in touch on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Tik Tok! Or share to:

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