Parent Picks – The British Museum

Hi, I'm Claire...

and usually I spend my days supporting schools with their computing teaching. At the moment like so many others I'm also home schooling.

One of the things we've tried to do each week as a family is have a school trip. We've visited a few art galleries and museums, some linked to school work others just for fun. Last week we took off to the British Museum and explored the galleries, each member of the family chose their favourite item and wrote a question about it along with some treasure hunt clues so that someone else could find the object too. We shared the quiz with the grandparents who enjoyed the excuse to revisit the museum too.
Maybe if you try something like this with the British Museum or another virtual visit you could share your quiz with your friends and family.

The British Museum

The British Museum, in the Bloomsbury area of London, United Kingdom, is a public institution dedicated to human history, art and culture. Its permanent collection of some eight million works is among the largest and most comprehensive in existence, having been widely sourced during the era of the British Empire.

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