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Recomended Booklist

Books can be a great source of comfort for all ages as we all try to work out our feelings and experiences following Covid-19.

This list was compiled with reference to www.booktrust.com, and invaluable advice from North Tyneside School Library Service

Supporting articles

Good articles and resources to support all age groups particularly around our theme of 'Acknowledging the challenges, difficulties and upsets'.

School Refusal

A resource to support those students who display anxiety led school refusal.

Returning Assembly

An assembly with key messages for returning children - designed to be adapted



TOP 30 Children's Books About Resilience

Resilience can be learned like any other skill. It takes practice and patience. We cannot shield our kids from all of life's disappointments and challenges.


Check out this list of books that teach resilience.

Coronavirus, home & School and Transition resources

A collection of advice and free resources to download that are ASD focused: supports individual to identify what is felt, why and what can be done to help

Helping children and young people to manage anxiety

A practical guide to supporting pupils and students during periods of disruption

A Resilience and coping framework supporting children going back to school

The guidance supports schools to help children go back to school in a positive way, focusing on strengths, hope and children’s ability to cope, rather than the language of risk, trauma, damage or illness.


Comprehensive guidance and support for schools on how to support the mental health of children and sta following the return to school, with links to many other useful resources.

Teacher resilience during coronavirus school closures

Advice from the British Psychological Society by Dr Sarah Duffield – Educational Psychologist Dr Dan O’Hare – Educational Psychologist, Joint chair-elect of the DECP

Coronavirus Toolkit#8 Return to school

This toolkit focuses on Returning to school and is split into two parts – one section is full of resources for parents and carers, featuring activities and tips for how to prepare their child for re-starting school in the autumn. The other section is focused on resources for schools for use in the autumn term or when planning for the new school year. Highly recommended.

Covid 19 Back to school resources for SEND pupils

Free visual posters and social stories to help children with SEN understand
how to socially distance and keep safe when they’re back at school.

Support for families and carers

SEND Gateway

Visit the SEND Gateway for a range of resources and materials to support all things SEND.

Thrive logo
Thrive activities - upto age 7

Children love having parents who are playful, fun, interested and curious about them. Children enjoy feeling important and special and really benefit from having some individual time with parents.

Here are some creative activities that you can use with your child to support their emotional development at home. Play releases lots of feel good chemicals that help us feel calm, steady and connected. If possible, look to do these activities for as much as 20 minutes or more each day.

Thrive logo
Thrive activities - upto age 11

Parents and carers can support and acknowledge children’s emerging values and morals and individual ways of doing things. Parents can teach children the significance of rules and regulations and support them to develop their negotiation skills. Children enjoy sharing their options and using their skills.

We have put together some daily activities to support social and emotional development at through the arts, play and creativity.

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Thrive activities - upto age 16

If we think of giving our adolescents a rich diet of social and emotional support, The Essence of our diet needs to contain the right ingredients. Dr. Dan Siegel recommends all adolescents have a balance of what he describes as Essence to create the right recipe for healthy social and emotional growth.

Each week we will focus on a different ingredient of ESSENCE (ES – Emotional Spark, SE – Social Engagement, N – Novelty, CE – Creative Exploration). This week the focus is on Emotional Spark.

Advice for keyworker parents

Helping your child adapt to changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Family life during lockdown

A document signposting families to external sites for support - shared by East Riding of Yorkshire

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